Stingray safety shoes

The Stingray outsole safety shoes are part of the AIRTOX revolution. With this range, we have taken safety and professional footwear to a whole new level; proving that professional work shoes no longer have to be heavy, uncomfortable and unflattering. The Stingray safety shoes are comparable to regular trainers but made with technically advanced materials and technologies, including all the required and necessary features that qualify them as safety footwear - all certified in accordance with European standards. This is the essence of AIRTOX.


Just like other AIRTOX shoes, the Stingray is dedicated to those who care about staying healthy and comfortable in life and refuse to live with knee and back injuries that are often caused by the use of unsafe, uncomfortable and extremely heavy work shoes. The Stingray safety shoes also offer the newest trend in Danish design and provides an entirely new perspective to professional footwear along with all the necessary safety features such as slip resistance, heat resistance, anti-penetration properties, light weight and much more.


The Stingray safety line is made using the most up-to-date technologies. To create completely breathable uppers, we use the PowerBreeze® ventilation system while the Tech-FiberTM anti-perforation layer protects your feet from nails and other sharp objects. For toe protection, we use our Superlite NEO-SteelTM toe cap, which is designed to provide the optimal comfort for your feet while replacing the bulky look with a light and modern one.


The Stingray is distinguishable by the original TPU transparent outsole and the famous midsole AIR-SYSTEM; a patented and carefully tested technology of injecting multiple air-cells into the midsole, making the shoes even more soft and comfortable. All these properties ensure a line of highly breathable, extremely flexible and ultra lightweight safety shoes for women and men. Similar to the rest of our styles, the Stingray range is certified ESD, making the shoes suitable for work in the electronic and computer industries in which it is a need to reduce electrostatic charge causing damage to sensitive devices. Depending on the model, the Stingray varies in color and safety category. A detailed specification can be found in the description of the various models, where you can find the one that best suits your needs. All Stingray styles are made with a Scandinavian wide fit.

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