The AIRTOX company




AIRTOX® – the epic Danish safety shoe packed with tomorrow’s technologies. Providing superior comfort and unseen lightness to the professional market. As an innovative Danish shoe manufacturer, we do not compromise!

At Airtox, we equip our shoes with the most innovative and groundbreaking technologies ever seen in the safety footwear industry. Our shoes feature protective toe caps, exceptional slip resistance and the lightest anti-penetration layers on the market. Our safety shoes have Electrostatic Dissipating soles (ESD) and shock absorbing insoles that have a cooling effect. Airtox safety shoes feature super light and flexible midsoles and highly comfortable outsoles. In addition to this, Airtox safety shoes also use waterproof and breathable uppers and a wide Scandinavian fit. These are just a few of the features that make Airtox safety shoes the best safety shoes in the market.

Airtox is a breakthrough brand of safety footwear straight out of Denmark.

We make safety shoes with exceptional quality and comfort, while still being stylish and fashionable for year round use.

At present, Airtox products are exclusively sold in selected stores around Europe. Our goal is to expand our global footprint and make our products available in more countries in the near future, for more people to enjoy our great safety shoes from Denmark.

Currently, we focus on developing and manufacturing safety footwear, and selling our products worldwide in large quantities B2B. In addition to our international goal, to ensure the ongoing support of local businesses at Airtox, we also collaborate with small, and family driven companies, whom we intensively work with to build successful and long lasting relationships. This is something we are very appreciative of.

The legend of AIRTOX brand


The face of the Airtox brand is a characteristic, slightly predatory bird. What is its origin? What does it represent? And what does it have to do with the future of safety shoes?

The Airtox birds touched down on Earth from a distant planet outside our Solar System. They are highly clever, mechanical beings with advanced intelligence.

They came to Earth and – for an unknown reason, they started to create shoes with special properties, never seen before in the footwear industry. They share these revolutionary products with humans. You can’t be sure how to connect with them as their communication with humans takes different forms.

Ironically, one of the most concentrated nests of Airtox birds can be found at the Copenhagen Airport. From there they travel huge distances, mainly in flocks, to spread their population worldwide.

We do not know much about them, but what we do know is, that the Airtox birds are unpredictable, develop fast, and are far more technologically advanced than anything on Earth. The knowledge and technology they share with us, make our lives more comfortable, stylish and safe.

The purpose of the story is to create an illusion of this bird, who is taking control over the Airtox R&D division with a mission of bringing the newest technologies to Earth From the intergalactic hemisphere, letting us create the most sophisticated, ultra comfortable shoes. Shoes that are stuffed with the fanciest and almost out of this world technologies.

Danish design and development of the best safety shoes


AIRTOX research and development technologies

AIRTOX headquarters are based in Denmark. From here, all design, development and research is carried out. We have dedicated a huge amount of time and resources to researching technologies, and testing materials, components and new systems.

Our R&D team has 20+ years of experience in a safety footwear and keeps track of the entire development process, from the first design sketch to the final product.


We guarantee the reliability and quality of all our products. Unlike a large portion of our competitors, we don’t make compromises. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers.


Currently there are a few technologies that are available in the Airtox selections of shoes: Aqua-Cell®, StyroSoft®, Whitelayer®, Cool&Me® and Powerbreeze®. These technologies have been carefully engineered by Airtox’s special unit “Lab 32”.


At Airtox we are proactive in developing and investigating new trends in the safety footwear industry. We aim to remain innovative and at the forefront of the industry. New technologies not yet implemented in Airtox products are tested, and the benefits of their introduction are discussed to ensure that Airtox’s ultra lightweight safety shoes are the most advanced in the market.

Mission & vision


Mission and Vision AIRTOX

Our vision and overall goal is to become the most unique and innovative brand in the sector of industrial safety.

To reach this goal, we are currently on a mission to utilize the knowledge and inspiration from global cultures. We do this by collaborating with people and companies across the world and by building a multi-national environment at our workplace. 

Throughout the work process, we focus on social responsibilities and great working conditions to make sure that the motivation and dedication of every single colleague accelerates to perfection.

We care about the protection of our environment and making sure that both ourselves and all our suppliers are committed to strictly following all international and local environmental laws.

Careers at AIRTOX

career at airtox safety shoes tradeshow


Career at Airtox and social responsibility:

Our priority is offering our employees the best working conditions. We believe it to be of significant importance to generate a comfortable working space to ensure that our employees play an active part in the positive development of our company. Therefore we have an open, non-discriminatory approach to our staff and collaborators and ensure that diversity and self-development are supported.

We follow a global Code of Conduct, consisting of several fundamental principles on ethical and responsible behavior on a worldwide basis. For all our collaborating suppliers we guarantee the following: all employment relationships will comply with basic needs according to the UN conventions.

We always seek new talents to contribute to our team. If you are brave enough to work in our fun, fast and innovative environment, apply and tell us about yourself!