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Engaged by Vikings




Airtox – the epic Danish safety shoe packed with tomorrow’s technologies. Our products are engineered and designed in Copenhagen, – assembled in selected countries worldwide.

The Legend of the Airtox bird

The trademark figure for Airtox is a mysterious space bird, “out of this world.” Where does it come from, and what does it have to do with the safety shoes of the future?

The powerful and mysterious “space birds” made touchdown on Earth from a distant planet in the intergalactic hemisphere. They represent the future, and they focus on Airtoxicating safety shoes.

The wild birds from space quickly allied themselves with Airtox’s development department, LAB 32, and immediately began contaminating the unit with their futuristic space technologies. This is the reason the birds rapidly became synonymous with the surreal technologies found in Airtox safety shoes.

Apart from this, we don’t know much more about them, – other than they are unpredictable and able to transform at lightning speed. If they find it necessary, they will break through any obstacle.

Engineered and designed in Copenhagen


AIRTOX research and development technologies

At Airtox, we manufacture luxurious and highly comfortable products. We are constantly researching and experimenting with new materials and advanced technologies. Our innovative tech team, LAB 32 in Copenhagen, oversees design and development.

Cutting-edge Techs!

We equip as many products as possible with our exclusive super features of the future:




Airtox’s vision is to redefine the concept of safety shoes.

We design innovative, advanced, and well-thought-out products. Our R&D development team, LAB 32, works closely with professional laboratories worldwide to develop and optimize our products.

We focus on social responsibility and good working conditions. We prioritize the presentation of our environment and require all business partners to follow global and local environmental laws.


Work ethics


career at airtox safety shoes tradeshow

At Airtox, we strive to offer our employees good working conditions. We believe our employees are essential to our company’s explosive ongoing growth. We have an open and non-discriminatory approach to our employees and emphasize that diversity and self-development are supported.

We follow a global code of conduct that consists of several basic principles for ethical and responsible behavior. For all our suppliers, we require that all employment relationships will meet the basic requirements according to the UN Convention.