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Safety shoes regulations

Underneath we have created a quick and short overview of the EU regulations in relation to safety footwear and listed the certifications that AIRTOX models have.


How to take care of your AIRTOX shoes

AIRTOX do like all other shoes need regular care and cleaning to ensure the durability. Here are few tips and tricks  to ensure that your AIRTOX shoes have the best possible conditions. 


Expoprotection 2016 In Paris

AIRTOX brings a new mindset to the safety shoe market: every professional deserves a pair of safety shoes that is at least as comfortable and stylish as their favorite pair of trainers.

Event News


The Nordbygg trade fair is international event held in Stockholm, covering the newest trends and developments in the construction industry – and of course AIRTOX will be attending. Come by stand B07:41 the 5th-8th of April for a look at the future of safety footwear. See you there!


Kickoff event in Neumann Midtun – Bergen

On 7th May we participated at the kickoff event in Neumann Midtun, in Bergen. Our Norwegian AIRTOX team opened up a new Neumann shop and presented AIRTOX products to the customers. That meeting allowed to become familiar clients with AIRTOX

Airtox Event

The meeting

This spring we were invited to attend a small session at During this event our shoe designer – Ariane Wiingaard-Madsen – showed the audience some of the great features of our AIRTOX safety shoes and gave them a sneak peak


AIRTOX in other Scandinavian countries

AIRTOX is a very young, but intensively developing footwear brand. We design and manufacture safety shoes, non-safety outdoor footwear and cool sneakers. All with selected materials and features, with properties never seen in regular sports shoes, that makes them suitable..