M-SERIES safety shoes

M-SERIES The McLaren outsole safety shoes is one of our most advanced collections with shoes in sizes for both men and women. We have created a line of incredibly athletic, high-tech safety shoes with varying individual needs and preferences in mind. These breathable safety shoes are made with the newest technologies and highest standard of materials to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. The athletic look, extremely light weight and superior comfort comprise the essence of this line. M-SERIES safety shoes are designed to become your favorite footwear; not only for work.


Each of the M-SERIES styles is equipped with the anti-penetration technology WHITELAYER® – the newest generation of anti-perforation material. It is the strongest fiber used in the footwear industry. Additionally, it is extremely flexible, breathable and 55 % lighter than any other anti-penetration material available on the market.


With WHITELAYER®, we are taking safety footwear to a whole new level! We have used EVA technology for the M-SERIES midsoles to create the sensation of wearing a regular pair of trainers/sneakers, but since regular trainers do not have the strength required for safety footwear, we have refined our EVA outsoles with a thin layer of NRT rubber. This guarantees you a soft, flexible and shock absorbing outsole able to withstand oil, fuel and heat (up to 300 ˚C). At the same time, it is highly slip resistant.


M-SERIES safety shoes come in 6 different versions: MB5MB7MR2, MR3MR4 and the hard-work waterproof MA6 (with Aqua-Cell® membrane).


All these technical improvements make our footwear ideal for any work. Shoes heat and water resistant, with non-slip soles. They will ensure safety in the construction area, in the warehouse, at the airport or in the kitchen.


Thanks to the unique style of our shoes, M-SERIES models are an ideal solution for both women and men. Finally you can have shoes that are not only safe but also look great.

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