Know more about AIRTOX safety footwear & sneakers

How to Buy the Best Safety Shoes

For many, safety and protective work footwear are a necessary and important part of everyday life. Most workers spend long hours on their feet in their safety and work shoes. Therefore, it is essential to find just the right pair….

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A+A Trade Show in Düsseldorf, 2017

From October 17th-20th you can find AIRTOX birds in Düsseldorf, Germany, conquering A+A  – the largest International trade forum within safety, security and health at work. We will be having a lot in store for our visitors. Come meet the amazing world of AIRTOX in Hall 11, stand D42 and…

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AIRTOX on social media

AIRTOX Safety Shoes have entered the amazing world of online activities. Why not start following us on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn? That is the best way to stay up to date with:   development and introduction of new safety shoes…

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The new release of Y-series sneakers

After a heavy demand from our customers, Y-series is finally back in stock – a slightly redesigned, improved edition of AIRTOX mens and womens sneakers.   NEW and UPDATED features:   Black and white sole Stronger fabric that makes the…

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Safety shoes regulations

Below we have created a quick and short overview of the EU regulations in relation to safety footwear and listed the certifications that AIRTOX models have.   What are the demands on safety shoes? What does the law say?   Safety shoes, also known as protective footwear,…

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How to take care of AIRTOX shoes?

AIRTOX do like all other shoes need regular care and cleaning to ensure the durability. Here are few tips and tricks  to ensure that your AIRTOX shoes have the best possible conditions.     THE AIRTOX: SHOE CARE GUIDE   AIRTOX shoes are made…

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