Technical Features



WHITELAYER® is the revolutionary new non-metal anti-penetration layer, being used by AIRTOX for the first time in the safety shoe industry. In collaboration with European Tech Group, we have developed this innovative material which has been used and tested by the US military on bulletproof garments. It features an extremely low weight, extraordinary flexibility and outstanding performance in breathability and moisture absorption.


WHITELAYER® has 8-15 times the strength-to-weight ratio in comparison to steel.


Tested and certified following EU safety standards.

Tech-FiberTM Nail Anti-Penetration Layer

This highly reliable, non-metal anti-penetration midsole layer protects your feet from damages via floor based punctures i.e. from stepping on protruding nails or other sharp objects.


Tech-Fiber™ is much more flexible and lightweight than the current Kevlar or standard steel safety layers; ensuring that your AIRTOX safety trainers meet the needs and expectations of even the most demanding work environments.


Available in the S-SERIES safety trainer range.

Protective Back Part of the Shoes

We know that work in tough conditions exposes every part of your feet to injuries. That is why AIRTOX safety shoes are completely enclosed - from the front and from the back.

Electrostatic Dissipating Sole (ESD)

Most AIRTOX shoes are certified ESD. This means that each pair of shoes is equipped with an electrostatic dissipating sole. This makes them perfect to wear in any industrial environment where it is needed to reduce electrostatic charge that can cause costly damage on sensitive devices and equipment.


AIRTOX shoes are the perfect choice for those working in the electronic, software or computer industries.

The Multi Dot Direct Massage System

The Multi Dot Direct Massage System consists of a number of rubber dots which run the length of the shoe. These rubber dots have been specifically designed to activate pressure points under each foot. This activation stimulates blood flow and circulation in the foot with each and every step you take. The massage system also aids the constant airflow within the bottom of the shoe.


An innovative massage system implemented in AIRTOX non-safety trainers.

Specially designed outsoles make AIRTOX safety sneakers highly slip resistant and perfect for work in almost every condition, even on oily and slippery surfaces. Our outsoles protect you from fuel, petrol and acid.

TPU Clear High Performance Outsole

This original, transparent Thermoplastic Poly Urethane outsole is created to support our very soft AIR-SYSTEM midsoles. The thin layer of TPU brings extreme durability to the sole, making it last much longer and making it resistant to oil, most chemicals, heat (up to 150˚C) and has an extremely high tolerance towards splitting, cracking and abrasion.


The clear TPU is pigment free which makes it suitable for working on floors and surfaces sensitive to black scuffing and marking. The result is a unique combination of great design and superior flexibility, certified by EU safety footwear standards.


Available in the S-SERIES safety trainer range.

300o Heat Resistant NRT-Outsole

Our NRT-rubber thinly layered outsole is used in combination with our EVA Superlight midsole. A perfect combination of super soft, lightweight material paired with strong, durable NRT-rubber. With NRT-rubber only thin layer is required to adequately protect the user. NRT-rubber is also highly resistant to heat (up to 300˚C), oil and fuel. They are certified ESD and highly slip resistant. This is the most innovative athletic outsole technique used for safety trainers.


Available in the M-SERIES safety trainer range.

AIR-SYSTEM SuperFlex Midsole

Unlike other injected sole types, AIR-System SuperFlex midsole is injected with an overflow of air-cells, creating a number of calculated air bubbles throughout the sole. This innovative technique results in an extremely lightweight product which boasts both superior elasticity and flexibility.


The culmination of this is a one-of-a-kind shock-absorbing sole that shapes itself based on the pressure applied by the person wearing it. This technology has been found to assist in stabilizing the general position of the body, and scientifically proven to prevent knee and lower back problems. Moreover, SuperFlex is supported by a very thin layer of clear TPU at the bottom, providing a very durable and strong outsole.


Incredible lightness, ultimate flexibility, unquestionable softness and complete shock-absorption equate to the highest level of comfort available in safety footwear.


Available in the S-SERIES safety trainer range.

EVA SuperLight MidSole

The EVA SuperLight MidSole is adopted from the EVA concept and transformed to comply with the safety footwear industry. The technology we have created is a version finished with a thin layer of NRT-rubber. This way we have maintained the soft and shock-absorbing properties of a regular sneaker and at the same time made it extremely durable, heat resistant (300˚C), slip resitant, oil and fuel resistant and antistatic. A very unique sole which adheres to EU safety footwear standards.


Available in the M-SERIES safety trainer range.

Superlite NEO-SteelTM Low Profile Toe Protection

NEO-steel toe protection combines the strength of steel toe safety with the practicality of a regular sports shoe, all whilst being much more adaptable to almost any foot shape over its predecessors.


This is the new generation of steel toe protection. The new low profile, steel toe cap is designed to protect your toes whilst adhering to EU safety standards. The NEO-steel construction enables the design to be of minimal dimensions and thickness, allowing it to have the lowest possible profile. This combination maintains a weight as low as a standard aluminum toe cap, but with the dimensions that make it almost invisible. This opens up the possibility of designing safety shoes that look and feel like regular sneakers. 


Available in the S-SERIES safety trainer range.

An essential component of your AIRTOX footwear is an efficient insole that absorbs moisture and negative energy. The AIRTOX specially made insoles are designed to not only provide daily support but also preserve a healthy climate within the shoe. This, in combination with our shock absorbing outsoles, prevents your feet from feeling tired and worn out at the end of each day.

Cool&Me® Ventilation System

This intelligent and breathable ventilation system keeps your feet dry and fresh even after long and strenuous hours of wear. Cool&Me® offers a microchannel ventilation structure which enables a steady air-flow throughout the shoe. At the same time, Cool&Me® neutralizes unpleasant odors which normally accumulate throughout the day.


Available in all AIRTOX M-series shoes.


UTURN® lacing system is our advanced, intelligent alternative to traditional shoelaces. The fast and easy way to get in and out of your shoes in just a few seconds. Turn right to tighten and turn left to release.


Don’t pull – this way you avoid dust and dirt to be trapped under the wheel!


Available in the following AIRTOX models: SL55 and YY22.

Aqua-Cell® Membrane

This reliable technology makes sure you stay dry and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. Aqua-Cell® will keep your shoes highly breathable, 100% windproof and waterproof.


To ensure the Aqua-Cell® Membrane works at its most optimum, it is important to wear the right type of socks. Thin woolen socks or socks made from technical fiber i.e. hiking, sports socks are best. These types of socks do not hold onto the moisture produced by your feet and assist in keeping them dry. Never use the likes of sport-style cotton socks in membrane shoes as they will hold onto additional moisture and leave you with the uncomfortable feeling of wet and damp feet.


Available in the following AIRTOX models: MA6

POWERBREEZE® Airflow Textile

The uppers of most AIRTOX styles are made using POWERBREEZE® – the high-tech micro-fabric system designed specially to provide maximum airflow and excellent breathability in every shoe. AIRTOX were the first ones to introduce this material in safety and professional footwear.


The use of POWERBREEZE® in the uppers of AIRTOX products ensures adequate temperature regulation inside the shoes and prevents overheating during daily activities.


Available in the following AIRTOX models: MR2, MR3YY2, YY22.

Wide-Feet Adjustment

Feet come in many shapes, and studies have shown that the majority of the European population tend to have wide feet, especially in the Scandinavian region. Taking that into consideration, we have managed to create different shoe lines to meet these needs.


AIRTOX products are adjusted to Scandinavian shoe standards. Our extra wide footwear is very comfortable for people with wide feet. We design our shoes with a variety of types of wide fitting; from the ergonomic extra wide nose fit to wide athletic fit.