features and technologies that makes AIRTOX shoes so unique


AIRTOX safety shoes combine sleek Scandinavian design with groundbreaking technologies researched and developed in cooperation with European Tech Group. Certified by highest European standards.


The great alternative to regular shoe laces. UTURN® Lacing System was developed to simplify the on-and-off procedure. This unique feature tightens your shoes evenly all the way up to ensure that the shoes always have a stable grip on your feet.


One of a kind membrane provides 100% waterproofness and excellent breathability. It works perfectly even in the most extreme weather conditions, offering you full protection from rain and wet working conditions.


This unique fabric is no less than a revolution in anti-perforation material for safety footwear. It’s an extremely strong, light, soft and highly flexible fiber that does not have any competitors.


High-tech breathable fabric system used in most AIRTOX products. POWERBREEZE® is used in the upper part of shoes to guarantee constant airflow inside. This microfabric helps manage perspiration and improve the dry feeling in any condition.


The highly-advanced cooling system used in insoles. Designed to provide perfect air circulation and create the perfect match between temperature and comfort.