• A very common problem with work shoes is they tend to feel too hot inside and sometimes make your feet sweaty. We have used the newest technologies to ease this problem.

    There are a few things you can do yourself to get the most out of these features:

    1. Never wear thick cotton/tennis socks, as these will make your feet sweat more. Cotton holds on to moisture and thereby makes your feet feel sweaty and wet.
    2. Always wear thin technical socks or thin wool socks, as socks from these materials are very effective in leading the moisture away from the skin.
    3. Never use spray products or too much grease on your leather footwear. Spray products and excess grease will clog up the pores of the leather and result in a less breathable shoe. It is very important to know that shoes with Aqua-Cell membrane are already waterproof but also highly breathable. Therefore it is even more important maintain this effect.
  • General rules

    It is very important to regularly clean your shoes. After heavy use, wash them with a damp cloth, sponge or a soft brush. Never use chemical solvents – lukewarm water should be enough. If not, use a minimum amount of very gentle detergent. Remove all gravel and dust from inside. Remember to remove small pieces from the eyelets as well. Occasionally or if the shoes are very dry, rub a small amount of leather grease to ensure the leather remains smooth and flexible, this also assists to maintain the stitches and keep them from drying out and eventually breaking.


    If your shoes are equipped with UTURN laceless system we recommend to apply small amount of grease just under the wires, where strings are in contact with leather material. This will prolong the lifetime of leather and eliminate possible sounds of wire friction. We also recommend to clean your UTURN system occasionally to make it last longer. To clean UTURN system it is only necessary to clear it out from dust or other particles within the rotary unit.

    When AIRTOX are wet

    When drying wet shoes, stuff them with paper to absorb the moisture from inside the footwear and to maintain their shape. Let the shoes air dry in a ventilated area – never dry them near any kind of heating source, as direct heat will dry out your shoes and make them less durable.

  • As for all shoes, lifetime of the AIRTOX footwear differs depending on the activity and usage. To make your AIRTOX sneakers last longer we strongly recommend to follow our guidelines on how to take care of the AIRTOX shoes.